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The Next Feature Film: ONLY MONTHS AWAY

It's been a crazy time the last three years. I've been juggling the whole "let's make a high budget, special effects movie" without the support of a major studio but we're finally getting there.

We finished the film's editing awhile ago but the VFX (Visual Effects) has been painstakingly long. That said, the clips we've been getting back look amazing. So actually, I'm really in a good place. I love The Half Dead. It's a really strong, exciting film that I'm very proud of.

In saying that, I've decided to go out and shoot another movie this September!

I'm still crunching through the screenplay... but it's really taking shape. I'm not sure who I'm going to cast in this film, again, I'm more interested in figuring out what the final script will be than figuring who I'm going to put in it.

It's a really strange thing to be looking at making another feature film whilst your current one is still slowly doing it's thing but these are funny times and I'm like, I've just got to keep going with it.

I'll try to post something every week just to keep you all informed of what's happening. When we cast, who we cast, location shoots etc.

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