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New Camera Added - The immersive VR 360 Fly 4k

Check it out! We've added a 360 Fly 4k VR camera to our arsenal.

The 360 Fly 4K offers the viewer a panoramic 360 degree view (horizontal) left and right and roughly a 235 degree view (vertical) up and down.

What's great about this camera is that it uses a single lens, so there's no wasted time trying to stitch back the various cameras into one shot - which brings the cost down for our clients when filming projects in this VR format.

The draw backs are that you don't get a full 360 degree camera (without stitching multiple cameras together - which can be done... at a cost) although, creatively we've managed to add client logos and text plates for our clients that fill this black hole which sits at the back of the screen - enabling a unique branding advantage for our clients.

Working together with either VR headsets like the one pictured in this blog or as a stand alone click on web browser or mobile phone tool for either Android or iPhone, the 360 fly 4k delivers 4k video that can be streamed either via file directly from the phone, Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook.

In the coming weeks, I'll put up some video of the 360 Fly 4k for you to check out!

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