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New Movie Has Begun!

We've started shooting a new feature film which is scheduled to be released later this year! We've cast some amazing talent reuniting director Timothy Boyle with actor Telen Rodwell.

Telen played the lead role in Timothy's first feature film, 'The Big Night Out' 20 years ago!

This has been pitched as a scary film with plenty of laughs to go along with the frights.

Our acting team also includes Conor Fogarty, Brandon Paterson, Daniel Cummings, Igor Brackenback, James Pratt, Robert Harrell, Ivan Topic, Daniel Musial, Aaron March, Celeste De Ramirez and as always Andy Caryofyllis - who has been in all of Timothy's films, except 'The Big Night Out'. Don't ask what happened there, it's a sore point!

We are also gearing up for July when we begin shooting the feature film 'Disturbance'. The AMAZING Terry Serio has been confirmed for this film with more names to announce closer to the date.

Stay tuned for details, there's plenty more heading your way.

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