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NEW FILM: "ON HALLOWEEN" - Principal Photography almost complete!

With only a few days left to shoot, 'On Halloween' is nearly finished principal photography.

We've smashed out an entire film in roughly 20 days and it's looking amazing.

We've had stellar performances across the board with one of the strongest up and coming casts I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

This coupled with a few seasoned actors that I really wanted to work with again, has made this film one of the best film experiences of my life.

Brad Hurt (my editor) has already started the post production process and we're looking to knuckle down mid next week to start cutting the film.

We're hoping to have a teaser trailer ready for you all in the not too distant future. We have 3 more shooting days of principal photography. Then we need to wait for our main man Terry Serio to return home where we will shoot the final 2 days with him.

This is the first time I've ever made a horror film and I tell you - the most fun I've had so far!

My brain is slowly shifting to the big film though. In July, we start shooting 'Disturbance', again with Terry Serio... but we have some other big named actors coming by... and I'm very excited to share more details with you on that project.

More on that later.

With that and The Half Dead almost complete, there's only one thing to say... 2017 - the year of movie making!


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